Senator Wright Feelings

So despite everything he’s done, I’ve never been able to hate the guy.

Deep down, I think that he really does love Logan, it’s just that so much as happened that it’s not always easy to show it.

I mean I can’t imagine being a senator to be an easy job. It’s probably extremely demanding of him and unfortunately with jobs like that, the family suffers. Sure he could quit, but he would still have to have another job, something still probably in politics, which I think would still be demanding of him.

There’s also the fact that he never physically abandoned Logan as a child. His wife left him and his child, but he still took on the responsibility of caring for Logan. He could have easily shipped him off somewhere else, but he didn’t.

And honestly, I would imagine that the fact that his own child’s mother abandoned him because of John really took a number on him. It’s one thing to fall out of love and despise your ex but to the extent that you blame them for all that is wrong with your child and completely rid him from your life is unthinkable. Mother’s are known for being overprotective and willing to kill for their children and yet Cordelia just left hers. 

I think that ways a lot on Senator Wright. He probably feels guilty and worthless as a father. Maybe he acts so aloof and uncaring because he thinks that if he actually tries with Logan and attempts to really be a parent with him, he’ll just “screw” Logan up more than everyone already thinks he is.

And you all probably think I’m crazy now…